The new BASE series

The new LE-BASE series integrates all the advantages of its predecessor LE48 and complements them with the essential features for high requirements in the industry, especially in the automotive and food industry. In addition to sealing to protection class IP65, circular connectors with a self-locking quick-connect system in size M15 have been added to the basic variant. Also new: the scaling of the stroke in three grades of 45, 80 and 115 millimeters, a centering collar on the flange and the option of mounting familiar swivel and adapter flanges on the front as well as the back of the actuator.

The BASE series does not have an integrated drive controller and is therefore independent in the use of preceding controls. The freedom to use different controller manufacturers thus enables integration into various bus systems and leaves all control options open to the plant manufacturers and operators. Compatible motion controllers can be found here

The liteECO® Concept:

The actuators of the liteECO® series (linear telescopable Electomechanical COncept) provide the most compact electromechanical alternative to pneumatic short-stroke cylinders.  Inside, the actuators represent a holistically optimised, mechatronic system consisting of a highly efficient servo motor, the mechanics (screw drives in various designs) and integrated sensors. The main unique selling point is the telescopic arrangement and the resulting favourable ratio of the stroke to the overall length. This ultimately results in an installation space saving of up to 80 % compared to alternative electromechanical actuators. This makes them ideal for the frequently required linear movements in production lines, machine tools or packaging systems.

The highly efficient motor saves more than 75 % energy compared to pneumatic systems. In addition, the liteECO® series offers the possibility of simple refurbishment. Replacing a worn-out mechanism is very easy and helps the drives to achieve several life cycles: sustainable, cost- and resource-saving.